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Harnessing The Full Moon Magic – By Ashwini Nawathe

Sharing my Guest Post on this awesome humans blog. Thank you Anindya for hosting me once again. 🙂

Harnessing the Full Moon magic    India is a land of festivals and celebrations, and the zest with which each festival is celebrated in India is unparalleled in the whole world. The festive season that…

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Navratri: Veneration of the Primordial Feminine Principle

India these last few days is alive with auspicious pujas and its the nights are vibrant with lights, music, and life! Navratri, the festival which is celebrated with such pomp and zest in India, is the festival that venerates various forms or avatars of the divine feminism which is the representation of positive celestial energy.

Sharada Navratri, a nine-day long festival (Nav = Nine and Ratri = Nights), of which each day is dedicated to the worship of different forms of Shakti (the primordial feminine principle), is celebrated in the bright half of the Hindu calendar month Ashvin, which typically falls in the Gregorian months of September and October.Read More »

Down The Memory Lane…

We all have that one special place where we live and re-live our lives. A place where, when with our people, we are at peace.

For me, its a beautiful house in a equally beautiful and small village of Konkan, Burambad. It is a place which, every year that I have been visiting, has remained exactly the same. Frozen in time and space.  This is the place about which I used to write essays when in school, draw about in drawing classes.Read More »