Sisters in Crime!

via Daily Prompt: Collaboration



To my sweet, little, devilish, mad and crazy ass sister! There are a millions of things that I do everyday in Collaboration with her.

Right from making beds to deliberately messing up other’s nicely piled clothes, from trying our hand at cooking to helping with the college assignments, from fighting over the last chocolate to saving a piece of cake!

I just love to trouble her and it’s her job to annoy the shit out of me. Of course we do have our lovey-dopey moments plus I do – at times – think that she is the “rainbow and sunshine of my life” and blah blah..but mostly she just gives me migraines!

Frankly, my life would have been pretty dull without her. She is my source of time pass and entertainment, my punching bag and my shield against mom and dad.

Love you, you crazy woman. You are the most annoying person in my world but I still love you nonetheless!


PS: You looks too cute in this old pic of ours! How did you get so ugly now? πŸ˜›



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