Midsummer Showers

India is Notorious for its hot summers! But when it suddenly starts to rain, it’s an inspiration for a poem!

Midsummer Showers

A hot day dawns

Softly murmuring the breeze yawns

Waking the sleepy birds in the tree boughs

A hot sunny day the sky vows

The crystal blue canopy overhead

With a thin stripes of clouds here and there


Suddenly to a darker shade the clouds run

Parting the grey tries to smile the sun

Dark coolness gulps the last warm ray

As drops of heavenly nectar rush down the way

Down into the embrace of the land

Where new tiny flower sing hand in hand

The world wakes up to a new dream

As the rains colour everything in green


The sweet fragrance of the wet earth is in the air

Finally the sun peeks out, making the rain drops flare

Rays of the golden light stream with colours anew

Leave back fresh lasting memories

Until the monsoons are due……


(PS: I wrongly scheduled this, hence a late post!)

via Daily Prompt: Notorious


© Ashwini Nawathe, Kaleidoscope of My Life

All Rights Reserved


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