People Ruin Things

via Daily Prompt: Puncture


This is so f*****g true! People just exist to Puncture your bubble of happiness.

No one and nothing is perfect, I get that. But don’t we try to create those happy and wonderful moments. Don’t we try our best to be in happy relationships?

No doubt we take stupid decisions and tend to mess things up, but that’s perfectly ok. We are only humans, we are bound to make mistakes! We learn from them and we grow. We even forgive and forget.

But it’s the society that always remembers! And these people will always feel the need to voice their opinions on OUR PERSONAL matters. When it’s not you messing up with your life, it’s them. These toxic people and society.

One moment you are a Paragon of virtue and the very next you are a blemish! You are told to be yourself and at the same time accused of being different from the rest.

We have to constantly face hypocrites who falsely praise us to our faces and the moment we turn our backs turn us into subject of gossips and dinner table conversations. No matter what we do and say or not do and not say, we are always going to be criticised, always judged for something or the other.


Don’t listen to the people and let all that is said about you affect your inner peace. It just will break your morale and will do no good what-so-ever! Cause at the end of the day what these toxic people say, doesn’t matter.

What matters the most is that you are happy and that you’re surrounded by your trusted friends and family.

I know I’m sharing this song again (but this time it’s a video), but the lyrics are really good plus Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore are a sight to our sore eyes (though not in their best avatar).

Do watch the video and LISTEN to the lyrics, I promise it will not be a Total waste of your time.


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5 thoughts on “People Ruin Things

  1. Yea it is true that you illustrate people, humans, homosapiens, us, as toxic and destroyers. I truly agree with it, we came to earth, saw it’s beautiful resources, and mined the living hell out of Mother Earth. Love the way you write. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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