All Lined Up!

via Daily Prompt: Bottle

No summer is complete without the colourful “Baraf ka Golas” (ice pops)! The sound of the steel Bottle opener against the glass bottles on a particularly hot afternoon is perfect to shake awake our drowsy souls.

Having these chilling delicacies was one of my and my cousins favourite afternoon pastime. We would choose a different flavour every day and have fun comparing the colours of our mouths!

This summer too we trooped around until we found a gola wala (they are hard to come by nowadays, God know why). This time again we had fun choosing from the wide assortment of flavours and spent a good time later clicking selfies on our coloured tongues!

Sharing a photo clicked by my sister.


I love Kala Khatta and Kachi Keri, my sister is partial towards Orange. Which one is your favourite?

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