The Magic of Words

via Daily Prompt: Paper

Do you believe in magic? The magic of touch, magic of truth, magic of love and above all the magic of words…

Those perfect words which inspired our imaginations, words that transported us to fascinating worlds, words that gave us strength and hope, words that stole our hearts and those that broke them.

The power of words both spoken and written is immense and their magic inexhaustive!

Man has always been a storyteller. Sitting in his caves he painted stories of his life, his discoveries and memories. And when language and Paper took over, these tales shaped the world of his imagination! He created amazing stories from these words that held his dreams, his hopes for the future and memories of the past. All tales of his beautiful life, fears and fantasies.

Such magic these words string together! And the books are nothing but the repositories of all this magic and much more.

I truly believe that a writer is a magician who pours his/her heart out for us to get lost into it, a dreamer who is Committed to the struggle of dreaming something more and being different, an artist who infuses a certain kind of romance and magic into our mundane everyday things.


How true is this.

It takes courage, commitment, insanity and true passion to let bleed your dreams out on a paper for the world to read, criticize and comment.

Tell me about such writers, books and stories that you absolutely love. (It can be you yourself or one of your own writings too.)

Let’s share a bit of our souls and get to know each other!


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