A Lazy Summer Day

via Daily Prompt: Sunny

In India the sweltering hot summers are finally over and the beautiful monsoon has set in. But the grey, wet and humid weather makes one miss the long warm summers.

Here’s to the days full of mangoes, ice pops and a lot of laziness!

A Lazy Summer Day

A lazy morning promises a long Sunny day,
With a warm breeze the dry trees sway
A crystal blue canopy overhead
With thin strips of clouds here and there
Little children fly out in the sun
Playing happily with the breeze they run
Elder ones are stretched out on the porch
Having ice creams and juices, lazily on chairs they perched
The blazing ball will scorch everything in its way
But there is nothing ‘cooler’ than a perfectly​ lazy summer day….

~ Ashwini Nawathe

These seasons blend into each other so wonderfully. It won’t hurt to take a “leaf” out of the nature’s book and learn to be just as accepting as our beautiful beautiful nature. After all “Change is only constant”.

If only we could learn the trick of knowing when to let go – like the trees in the fall – and when to hang on – like the roots in the storms! For just like the Wheel of the seasons, our life too is constantly spinning. We have to learn to strike the balance and just make sure that it doesn’t spin out of our hands!

Enjoy the weather guys! Have fun!

© Ashwini Nawathe, Kaleidoscope of My Life

All Rights Reserved


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