Monday Musings: Time an illusion or reality?

After a seemingly unending day at work, my sluggish Monday was made bearable by a cup of hot tea (bless my mom). But tea was served along with complex thoughts about the days blending into one another, the existence of an artificial measurement of time and …Wait, hop on the train of my thoughts!
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A New Life.

That’s a very good story. Something that I have gone through.

S C Richmond

This is part of a 3 word challenge that I like to do, it warms me up so I can get on with my writing of Book 3 (I will give it a title soon). Occasionally I do one that I like, those are the ones I will share with you.

Would you like to have a go? Use these 3 words and link it to my page, have fun.

The 3 words for this are adventure, love, hope.

a new lifeA New Life.

She sat alone in her room, she wasn’t sad, she’d already been through that emotion, no, now she saw this as the next phase of her life. She had thought that she loved Cam but it turned out that he hadn’t felt the same about her and he left for a waitress at the local bistro. She was okay about that, she thought that now she was alone…

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