Into the Woods #writephoto

Yet another beautiful Photo Prompt posted by Sue Vincent. To be frank this photo made me miss trekking and all those camping trips that I had. It has inspired to me really think about shifting my schedule to make trekking possible again. But that’s not what I have written about…Read More »


मैं शायर तो नहीं

People who know me know that my Hindi is comical (definitely not a thing to be proud and I’m not). While speaking I forget half of the words and for the other half I end up using Marathi substitutes 😛 So it generally is a task for the other person to decipher what I mean to say.

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Celebrating the 69th Indian Republic Day

India will be celebrating its 69th Republic Day tomorrow! So here’s a little something that I have written for my office website. Source: Celebrating the 69th Indian Republic Day

I literally have 2 half-written blogs in my Drafts and another one that is slumbering on my laptop :/ I need to get writing!! Where can I find the will to do that?

Do read the Republic day blog and give your feedback!

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