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After all those hours spent in school trying to correct spelling mistakes, I feel like I’m back to square one. With different ‘American’ and ‘British’ spellings, I no longer know what is right. It’s just so confusing! Is it ‘centre’ or center’, ‘colour’ or ‘color’? No matter which spelling I use it is forever ‘not consistent with the standards’.

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Cookie Jars

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How normal is it to store bits of scrap!

I’m sure all of us have a box stashed away somewhere which is filled with some random-est of stuffs. Broken toys, birthday cards, first love letter, marbles, pens, bottle corks, key-chains, lose pearls and many of such seemingly useless things. They are like evidences of the life that is now lost to us; filled with bittersweet memories of our childhood, our first love, our first broken heart, of people with whom we are no longer in touch. Read More »