All Layered Up!

via Photo Challenge: Layered

There are layers upon layers upon layers here…~ Dan Kennedy

Who thought dessert trekking in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan could be this freezing?!

In spite of being Layered, we ended up shivering to the spine! Here’s me (in red) with my friends soaking up the non-existent warmth of the sun. We clicked tons of pics but in most of them we resemble terrorists – identified only by our jacket’s colour! 😀Read More »


Writers Write

Being a writer is NOT an easy thing. We are constantly at work, even while staring outside of the window or tracing the raindrops on the windshield. Our minds are over driven with too many ideas or the absence of them. And when we finally sit down to tame the hurricane of wild ideas and make sense of them, some of the essentials go amiss! So to help myself and my bloggers friends, I have compiled a few basic Do’s and Don’ts of writing. Here they are:

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