It’s raining! Plitter-platter plitter-platter…oh the sound!

The weather is so beautiful that it almost hurts. I love the rains but hate the way they make me nostalgic. It’s like stepping upon a piece of lego, particularly on one that you never knew were missing in first place.Read More »


नातं तुझं माझं

People ask me why my poems are full of unfulfilled love. Always asking if I am sad, hurt or just incapable of writing anything remotely happy. But I think there’s a certain kind of beauty in sadness. There is beauty in longings and beauty in separations. Here’s yet another poem and yes as always it is a bit sad. It talks about tainted unfulfilled love and of loneliness that follows after a blissful union. Hope you all like it.

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And the wait seems to be endless
Each meet seemed to be getting smaller and smaller
Each time he felt emotions he had never felt before
Each second made her real than the mundane realities of life
Each breath brought her closer
Each touch caressing her soul
His heart full of tender love and care…
And her’s a whirlpool of mixed emotions…*love *hate *hurt *care*

And above all … *hope*
a Never Ending HOPE…

-Ashwini Nawathe